Selected examples of my work with higher education clients. If you are looking for something specific that you don’t see, please contact me.


    • Herd Mentality, HMC Magazine, Harvey Mudd College [pdf].
      A retired aerospace engineer takes to the saddle to become a cow horse champion.
    • The Detective’s Dynastic Coup, Lehigh Alumni Bulletin [pdf].
      Archeoastronomy unlocks the mystery of an ancient Chinese regime change.
    • Interweaving Media, RISD XYZ [pdf].
      Five artists working in different media collaborate with a pioneering textile design studio.
    • Virtually Viral, HMC Magazine, Harvey Mudd College [pdf].
      A Harvard epidemiologist uses dynamic new computer modeling techniques to track lethal diseases.
    • A Pragmatic Idealist, The Hanoverian, Hanover College [pdf].
      A Ghanaian entrepreneur seeks to build Africa by investing in relationships.
    • A Second Chance in West Texas, Lehigh Alumni Bulletin [pdf].
      Rescuing the hardy but highly endangered Leon Springs Pupfish.
    • A Vision for Africa, HMC Magazine, Harvey Mudd College [pdf].
      A crucial insight leads to much-needed infrastructure financing.
    • A Philosophy of Participation, Lycoming Magazine, [pdf].
      J. Stanley, director and New Orleans native, on how the Crescent City shaped her career in theater.
    • DCOM Film and Video Festival, Lycoming Magazine [pdf].
      Lycoming’s Department of Digital Media throws down the gauntlet to student filmmakers statewide and beyond.
    • Unanticipated Events, Pulteney St. Survey, Hobart and William Smith Colleges [pdf].
      The organized mayhem of gridiron football leads to a change of course.


    • The Power of a Pulse, Resolve magazine, Lehigh University [pdf].
      Developing a handheld device that could identify airborne pathogens using DNA sequencing.
    • Making a Mark with Materials, Resolve magazine, Lehigh University [pdf].
      Researcher Zakya Kafafi tapped to lead the new fast-paced, online journal, Science Advances.
    • A Superhighway for the Right Molecules, Resolve magazine, Lehigh University [pdf].
      Ultrathin carbon films on porous support enable energy-efficient separations.
    • UHD’s Promise, Resolve magazine, Lehigh University [pdf].
      Ultrahigh definition displays and the technological advances behind the scenes.
    • “Gold Standard” of Data Offers Hope, Resolve magazine, Lehigh University [pdf]. Developing a way to use cell phones to diagnose early stage cervical cancers.